Journal History

  • 2015: FAKSI: Journal of Social and Political Progress Phase (Jurnal FAKSI) is one of the periodicals published by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Muhammadiyah University of Sorong (before it was managed by the Research and Community Service Institute, Muhammadiyah University of Sorong). The FAKSI journal has an issn print (2477-622X) with Decree Number 0005.2477622X/Jl.3.1/SK.ISSN/2015.
  • 2019: First online issue of Vol. 2 No. December 1, 2016, with 5 articles. Within a year, the FAKSI Journal is published 4 times, namely the December, March, June, and September editions. This year, are 3 volumes published with 2 to 5 articles in one issue.
  • 2023: Change of name to the FAKSI Journal to Journal of the Social and Political Progress Phase (FAKSI) and changes to the editor and reviewer sections. This year, the FAKSI Journal has published 5 articles, namely Vol. 9 No.1 March 2023. Changes in the publication scale in a year to 3 times, namely in March, July, and November.
  • 2023: Change of Journal Name, which was originally the FAKSI Journal to become the Journal of Phases of Social and Political Progress: Faksi
  • 2023: ISSN published with ISSN number 3030-850X (e) Letter Number 030850X/II.7.4/SK.ISSN/12/2023
  • 2023: The e-ISSN will be published starting from Volume 9, No. 3 November, 2023