Author Guidelines

Template For Authors 
  • The article must be the result of research or scientific studies, interesting, and insightful.
  • The topic of the article should be up-to-date, related to sipil technique issues.
  • The article should contain the title, author's name, affiliation, email, abstract, keywords, introduction, review of related literature, research methods, discussion, conclusion, and references. Non-research articles should be organized as follows: (a) Title, which must be concise and informative; (b) Full name of contributor(s) without academic title(s), email address written below the name, affiliation and affiliation address; (c) Abstract (150 - 250 words) clear and informative; (d) 3-5 Keywords which are well selected and closely related to the topic; (e) Introduction (without heading); (f) Body Text (subtitle when necessary); (g) Conclusion (and Suggestion); and (h) References.
  • Article should be typed on A4-sized paper. For the title, it should be typed in bold, Times New Roman font style, 12 font size and single-spaced. For the content, use Times New Roman font style, 12 font size and one-half spaced. If the article contains arabic, type it by using Traditional Arabic font style with 14 font size.
  • The title of the article should be typed in Indonesian and abstract in English
  • Abstract shoud be typed by using Times New Roman font style, 11 font size and single-spaced, consists of 150-200 words and maximum 5 keywords.
  • The article is approximately 20-35 pages.
  • Margins: Top 4 cm, left 4 cm, bottom 3 cm and right 3 cm
  • Footnote references are typed by using Times New Roman font style, 10 font size and single-spaced.
  • Example: 1Nurcholish Madjid, KhazanahIntelektual Muslim, Jakarta: BulanBintang, 1994, h. 59.
  • 2 K. Armstrong, A History of God, New York: Ballantine Books, 1994, h. 169.
  • 3 Kevin William Fogg, “The Fate of Muslim Nationalism in Independent Indonesia”.Dissertation (Yale University, 2012),, accessed 16 Feb 2016.
  • References are typed and sorted alphabetically, consist of the author's name (without title and last name should be written first), title (italics), city of publisher, the publisher's company and year of publication.
  • Example: Armstrong, K. A History of God. New York: Ballantine Books, 1994.
  • Madjid, Nurcholish. Khazanah Muslim intellectual. Jakarta: BulanBintang, 1994.
  • The article should be sent at least on January 30, 2017 for the march and 30 August 2017 for the October issue.
  • There will be a cash as appreciation for the published article.