The Use of Choral Reading Strategy to Improve Students’ Reading Skill


  • Hasim La Midi Universitas Muhammadiyah Sorong
  • Heriyanti Tahang Universitas Muhammadiyah Sorong
  • Muhaiminah Akib Universitas Muhammadiyah Sorong
  • Meida Fitriana Universitas Pamulang
  • Devi Irjayanti Universitas Muhammadiyah Sorong



Reading Skill, Choral Reading Strategy


This study was classification action research using one class pre-test and post-test 1, posttest 2, which aimed to find out the effectiveness of choral and strategy to improve the students’ reading skill at second grade of SMP Negeri 7 Sorong City. The population of this study was the second-year students of SMP Negeri 7 Sorong City. This has 20 students, because the total number of the population is small enough. The writer applied total technique sampling: it means that all the population were taken as the sample. This research used test as the instrument of data collection.  The result of this test was used to assess is choral and reading skill effective to improve the reading ability of the second-year students SMP Negeri 7 Sorong City after treatment.  After several meetings, this study found out the use of choral and reading strategy significantly effective to improve the students’ reading skill. The result of this research was (1) the mean score obtained by students though pre-test was 223.1 and posttest (1) was 386.1 posttest (2) was 509.4 the test value was the higher than t-table 0. It means that, there was a significant difference between the result of the students’ pre-test and post 1, posttest 2. There, hypothesis Ho was rejected and H1was accepted.




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Midi, H. L., Tahang, H., Akib, M., Fitriana, M., & Irjayanti, D. (2024). The Use of Choral Reading Strategy to Improve Students’ Reading Skill . JOLIES : Journal of Linguistic and English Studies, 1(2), 63–70.